TLDR; what is Your Open Metaverse (YOM)?

YOM is the first distributed metaverse that enables creators to create and host custom interoperable Web3 content on their own site and channels.
YOM augments existing game engines with SDKs to ensure content standardization across engines and introduces a webapp where YOM-enabled Web3 content can be deployed, hosted and monetized on any cloud, domain and chain with our distributed cloud infrastructure.

How do I pay for hosting?

To pay for hosting costs, the Creator simply sends $YOM to their metaspace slot. As long as the slot has enough $YOM to run, the Creator is able to control and maintain it. The amount of $YOM needed is roughly equivalent to $0.05 per user per minute, and scales down with more traffic.

What commission do I pay on the marketplace?

For all transactions taking place on the marketplace, a 2.5% commission is returned to YOM so that it can expand and build the ecosystem.

Are there burning mechanics in place?

Burning can occur when charging a chargeable with tokens. Of the total amount charged, 5% can be perma-locked inside of the chargeable.
Last modified 6mo ago