Custom Characters

This guide explains how to create and customize a player character for your YOM stream. It covers using YOM's pre-built character or creating your own, understanding existing functionality, and how to modify or extend character features.

Step 1: Create Your Player Character

  1. Create a New Blueprint:

    • Right-click in the Content Browser

    • Select "Blueprint Class"

    • Search for "Yom_BP_ThirdPersonCharacter" to use YOM's existing character framework

  2. Assign the Player Character:

    • After creating your blueprint, assign it as the player character for your project

Step 2: Understand Yom_BP_ThirdPersonCharacter

Yom_BP_ThirdPersonCharacter includes:

  1. Movement controls (WASD keys)

  2. Interaction system (E key, requires BP_Interact interface)

  3. Camera movement (third-person and first-person)

  4. Camera switching (Q key)

  5. Crouching (C key)

  6. Jumping (Spacebar)

  7. Walking/Running toggle (Left Shift)

  8. Touch support for mobile devices

  9. Customizable settings (walk/run speed, starting view)

Step 3: Modify Functionality

To customize Yom_BP_ThirdPersonCharacter:

  1. Override the function you want to change

  2. To add functionality:

    • Call the parent function

    • Add your custom logic

  3. To remove functionality:

    • Override the function

    • Leave it empty

    • Do not call the parent function

Note: Overriding preserves changes during SDK updates

Step 4: Manage Controls

Default controls use Unreal's Enhanced Input System and are mapped to a controls customization modal that end-users can alter from within the stream:

  1. To modify:

    • Create your own "InputMappingContext" in the content folder

    • Add required defaults

    • Create new key mappings for your project

Caution: Direct changes to default controls may be overwritten by SDK updates


Following these steps allows you to create, customize, and manage your player character while leveraging YOM's existing functionality and maintaining compatibility with future updates.

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