Control Hints

Displaying the Control Hints Panel to the player's screen

The YOM SDK allows creators to display a UI widget that would allow the player to understand the basic game controls. This guide will explain how to display and customize your own Control Hints with our ecosystem.

Step 1: Adding Control Hints component

To use the features of the Control Hints component, it needs to be connected to your player. This should be done by default. However, if you do not see YomControlHints under your player as a component, follow this step. Otherwise, you can skip to step 2.

YomControlHints is a component therefore we need to add it to the player blueprint. To add the component you will have to click add on component menu and search for Yom Control Hints.

After this, you need to assign a widget to the YomControlHints component. By default an existing widget should be already available, otherwise you would have to create a one from scratch (step 2).

Example of ControlHints

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