Key Components


The SDK includes a simple Node.js web server referencing a sample HTML + JS implementation. When launching a stream via the YOM Toolbar in UE5, you can optionally start your preferred web server, allowing local debugging of the entire user journey.

We provide a JS library that enables integration and full customization of the stream experience, from authentication to deployment and execution. We provide functionalities like callbacks and multi-stream capabilities for effective control over stream and authentication processes.

Stream Embed

Post-authentication, the embedded stream loads as an iFrame, spawning the player and hiding certain components. The stream automatically scales across aspect ratios while maintaining resolution quality. Test this in the reference implementation by resizing horizontally (desktop) or vertically (mobile).

To accommodate limited user attention, especially for web-based streams, we utilize a simple, customizable modal that loads post-launching/spawning and its visibility can be managed via the SDK. This allows focus on game development while minimizing overhead and time spent on UI.

The modal includes a "God-mode" option, accessible via a password in the login field. This feature enables real-time in-game event execution without building web components, facilitating testing and script execution. God-mode benefits both developers and moderators, enabling efficient game management and testing.

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