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Deploy your Stream

Fantastic work so far! Now it's time to publish your space on

Getting started

  • Create an account by creating a phantom wallet. Note: we use this as the login method because you will receive a token kickback for every game that runs on our network.

Step 1: Create Stream

  • Log in with your wallet in and create a new stream:

  • Name your stream: enter a unique name (e.g., firststream)

  • Select Build Target: choose your target environment (e.g., Development)

  • Upload Packaged Project: drag and drop or click to upload your server and client zip files.

  • Choose Deployment Network: select your preferred network (e.g., AWS)

  • Select Deployment Region: pick an AWS region for your stream deployment

Step 2: Deployment

  1. Check your configuration and click on pay + deploy.

  2. Wait until both server and client files are uploaded to the designated zone. Do not refresh or leave the app during the upload process.

  3. The stream will begin deploying automatically after upload. You may safely close the app once deployment starts.

Step 3: Verifiy stream URL

  • Use your uniquely provided stream URL to integrate your stream into your desired platform.

  • Refer to the next section for detailed instructions on stream integration on any destination webpage.

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