Registering Events

The YOM SDK allows you to create and listen for your own custom events, allowing communication between the Unreal client and the pixel streamer /web browser. This guide explains how to set up and use them.

Step 1: Access YOMPlayer

To use Push Events, first access the YOMPlayer. Via standard Unreal method:

  1. Get the PlayerController

  2. Cast it to YOMPlayer

  3. Store the result if needed

Or, using GetYomPlayer function directly:

Step 2: Register a Stream Event

Once you have the YomPlayer, register a stream event:

  1. Set PFunctionName:

    • Name of the function to call

    • Will be displayed in the "GodMode" modal when enabled

    • Used to call the linked event

  2. Set PEvent:

    • Event to be called when the function named PFunctionName is triggered

  3. Set PNeedsGodMode:

    • Determines if the event is added to GodMode

    • Use for admin-only functions (GodMode requires a password)

  4. Create the event:

    • Drag from PEvent and search for "create event"

    • Select "Create Event" node

    • Choose "select a function" and pick from the dropdown or create a new one

Note: The function input will be a Va Rest Json object, allowing data to be sent with the event.

Step 3: Handling Event Callback

To process data that is sent with the event:

  1. Access the data object passed to the function

  2. Use "get field by name and type" to retrieve specific variables

  3. Implement your logic using the retrieved data

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