Test your Stream

To test your game locally you can do this in three ways:

  1. Stream to localhost:8888. This allows you to debug the full web experience, including player authentication. This is the default setting with all toggled turned off and is also the recommended setting to playtest the full experience.

  2. Play it in viewport. If you want to quickly debug locally and you want to bypass the authentication window, you can opt for testing in the viewport. To enable this you need to toggle on 'Run in Editor' and 'Auto Spawn Player'.

  3. Play in standlone. If you want to debug networking features without needing to first pass the authentication window in the web browser, you need to toggle on 'Auto Spawn Player'.


For these things we made the YOM Toolbar to easily test your game. We added some settings to help you test your game:

  • Launch Game. Launches the game with the below settings.

  • Run in Editor. When turned off it runs the game in stand alone and starts the signaling server. When turned on it will run the game in viewport and not start the signaling server.

  • Reboot Client. When turned on it will destroy the player when you disconnect via the web and respawn the player when you rejoin it. When turned off it will keep the player alive and you can reconnect and continue where you left off

  • Auto Spawn Player. If the player needs to be spawned automatically. We already spawn the player when we connect via the web but if you want to test in viewport or standalone witout web you need to turn the setting on so that the player spawns

  • Force Authentication. When true, if forces users to authenticate with their wallet else it will not work.

The YOM Toolbar it to make it easy to test locally. You can still use the default buttons to play the game and the settings will apply to it.


Pressing the Launch Stream button, the servers and games will boot and you can debug your game within a webpage. Make sure to add a Player Start to the level if the character does not spawn automatically.

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