This guide introduces best practices for integrating the YOM SDK with Unreal Engine 5, enabling seamless connection between your stream and web technologies.

Developing for YOM differs from traditional UE5 projects. Each stream exists on a webpage, instantly accessible from any device. This approach necessitates avoiding loading screens and complex UI in favor of instant, holistic, integral game design. This new methodology requires considering:

  • Designing with "responsiveness" and "instant gameplay" in mind

  • Debugging with web servers rather than just in UE5 viewports

  • Bi-directional game-to-web communication

  • Web Widgets and Analytics

Why Build on YOM?

Rapid UE5 Code Deployment

  • Multiplayer support (100+ users per shard)

  • Focus on core AAA+ experiences, not menus

  • Affordable & scalable DePIN hosting

Cross-Platform Reach

  • Build games for cross-device compatibility

  • Easy embedding in websites and platforms

  • Target a large audience across various devices

Data/Web3 Integration

  • Seamlessly integrate external data sources & events

  • Native tag manager integration for analytics

  • Utilize cross-chain Web3 avatar & item systems

Customization / White-label

  • White-label user journeys from login to stream

  • Integrate custom web widget support for enhanced interactivity

  • Manage admin accounts to trigger in-game events

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