Multi-Stream Setup

YOM Core supports multiple streams on a single page, enabling rich, interactive webpages that can act as content aggregators.

  • Create multiple stream containers:

<div id="yomTarget-1" data-streamurl="${STREAM_URL_1}"></div>
<div id="yomTarget-2" data-streamurl="${STREAM_URL_2}"></div>
  • Add corresponding input fields and launch buttons:

<input type="text" id="yomInput-1" placeholder="Name for Stream 1">
<button id="yomLaunch-1">Start Stream 1</button>

<input type="text" id="yomInput-2" placeholder="Name for Stream 2">
<button id="yomLaunch-2">Start Stream 2</button>
  • Build widgets for independent streams:

const targetId = '2'; // assuming we want to post to stream 2
postToYOM(targetId, 'AdjustSetting', {settingValue: 'newValue'});

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