Package your Stream

Step 1: Prepare your project

  • Ensure your project is in C++ and uses the correct Unreal Engine source version.

  • Verify you have the right Clang version for cross-platform compiling.

  • Run "SetupYOMForBuildingLocally.bat" script located in the root of your SDK (if not done already).

Step 2: Prepare your project

Before building, use these recommended settings for safe deployment:

  • Run in Editor: Disabled

  • Reboot Client: Disabled

  • Auto Spawn Player: Disabled

  • Force Authentication: Disabled

Step 3: Package the project

  • Navigate to the top bar: Platforms → Linux.

  • Set the Build Target to Game or Server

  • Click "Package Project" at the top.

When selecting a folder to build your project we recommend creating a new folder in your project folder called "Build". Choose this "Build" folder as the destination for both client and server builds.

Step 4: Generate builds

  • Wait for the build process to complete. Speed may vary depending on the size of your project.

  • Verify that two folders, "Linux" and "Linux Server", are created inside the "Build" folder.

Step 5: Package for YOM

  • In Unreal Engine, go to the top bar: Tools → YOM → Package Project.

  • In the opened menu, select the paths to your client and server build folders.

  • If you used the recommended "Build" folder, paths should be automatically selected.

  • Click "Package Project" to create separate zip files for the client and server.

  • After the process completes, find a new folder called "BuildData" in your project directory.


Inside "BuildData", you'll find two zip files, one for the client and one for the server, that are ready to upload to

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