Push Events

The YOM SDK allows you to push your own custom events to the browser, allowing communication between the Unreal client and the pixel streamer /web browser. This guide explains how to set up, determine their event scope, and use them.

Step 1: Access YOMPlayer

To use Push Events, first access the YOMPlayer. Via standard Unreal method:

  1. Get the PlayerController

  2. Cast it to YOMPlayer

  3. Store the result if needed

Or, using GetYomPlayer function directly:

Step 2: Use PushYomEvent Function

Once you have the YOMPlayer, use the PushYomEvent function:

YOMPlayer->PushYomEvent(PEventScope, PFunction, PVariableNames, PVariableValues);

Use the "PushYomEvent" function with these parameters:

  • PEventScope: Determines where the event will go

  • PFunction: Name of the function to call

  • PVariable Names: Array of variable names

  • PVariable Values: Array of variable values

  • PDataLayer: Boolean to determine whether the event should be automatically pushed forwards to the DataLayer, used by marketing and data services Google Analytics.


By following these steps, you can push communication from your Unreal Engine project to the pixelstreamer/web browser.

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