Extend Classes

When integrating the YOM SDK into an existing project and you need to work with a custom PlayerController and GameMode, you will want to make them compatible with YOM's architecture, allowing you to:

  1. Access YOM-specific features and systems.

  2. Ensure compatibility with YOM's networking and authentication systems.

  3. Maintain your custom logic while benefiting from YOM's framework.

Extending your GameMode and PlayerController to inherit from YOM classes ensures your project can leverage YOM's features while maintaining your custom logic.

Step 1: Access Class Settings

  • In the Unreal Engine editor, go to the top bar and select "Class Settings".

  • This action opens the Class Settings window, typically in the Details panel on the right side.

Step 2: Change Parent

  • In the Class Settings, locate the "Parent Class" option.

  • Change the Parent Class to "YomGameMode" for your GameMode, or "YomPlayerController" for your PlayerController.

Note: If your class extends from multiple custom classes, ensure the root parent becomes the appropriate YOM class.

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