Advanced setup

Using SDK assets

If you wish to utilize the blueprints or models included in the SDK and have the ability to modify them, it is recommended to copy them into your project's "Content" folder. This precautionary measure ensures that any future updates or the implementation of the latest version in our build pipeline does not overwrite your changes. By copying the asset you intend to modify into your content browser, you can safely make changes and utilize it within your project. To use the SDK assets and make modifications:

  1. Locate the desired blueprint or model within the SDK.

  2. Copy the asset by selecting it in the SDK and using the appropriate copy command.

  3. Open your project and navigate to the "Content" folder.

  4. Paste the copied asset into the "Content" folder of your project.

  5. The asset will now be available in your content browser for you to use and modify as needed.

Packaging Map data

To package Unreal map data using the Your Open Metaverse plugin, follow these steps:

Step 1: Build your Map Data

  1. In the Unreal Editor, build all the necessary map data for your project. For example, if you need to build reflection captures, go to "Build" in the top bar and select "Build Reflection Captures."

  2. Save your project to ensure the new data overrides the old data correctly. Sometimes, the project may not update the data properly if not saved.

Step 2: Package your Map Data

  1. Go to "Tools" > "YourOpenMetaverse" > "Package Map Data" in the Unreal Editor. This action will gather all the "_BuiltData.uasset" files generated in Step 1 and package them into a zip archive named ""

  2. If your project contains multiple maps, the tool will package the map data for all of them. If you want to reduce the file size, you can delete unnecessary files from the "" archive.

Step 3: Upload your Map Data to GitHub

Commit and push the "" archive to your GitHub repository.

Result: By including the "" file in your repository, the Your Open Metaverse build pipeline will incorporate the map build data into the build process. This inclusion ensures that lightmaps, navmesh, reflections, and other necessary data work correctly for your Metaspace.

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