YOM is a decentralized cloud gaming infrastructure which includes a dApp and SDK for Unreal Engine 5 to easily publish and broadcast gaming experiences at low costs at scale.

The SDK allows creators to create custom Web2/Web3 games and immersive experiences which can be easily deployed via dApp to the Solana blockchain and DePIN / GPU Grid and then streamed from any website. This allows creators to save on implementation costs and time while still having the versatility of creating anything using their own familiar tools.

The lack of interoperability and access between/to different platforms solutions can make it difficult for agencies to create experiences that are accessible to a wide audience. E.g. all of these games have a significant barrier to entry and have no asset-crossover. This prevents artists from fully realizing the potential of the metaverse and building fun and engaging experiences.

Compared to traditional pixel streaming solutions, the unique selling points of YOM are the following:

  1. Open: the deployed immersive experiences can integrate with any external (eco)system (i.e. tokenized economies and real-time data streams) and creators retain full ownership and control over their content, allowing for true white-label and therefore improved creativity and flexibility.

  2. Scalable: leverage the power of our decentralized pixel streaming infrastructure (DePIN) to deliver low-latency photorealistic quality to any channel (e.g. app / site / broadcaster) on all devices at affordable rates.

  3. Artist-First: UE5 SDK and dApp allow artists already familiar with Unreal Engine to easily deploy immersive experiences for clients to any channel (e.g. app / site / broadcaster). Additionally, our accelerator & ecosystem programs support our most loyal studios and artists.


Our goal is to integrate as many broadcasters into our platform as possible. This allows studios, artists and brands to stream immersive content not only from their own site and apps, but also to third party distributors, broadcasters and platforms that have integrations with YOM.

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