Within YOM, Brands can create a presence in the Metaverse, by hosting Experiences (Metaspaces and Events taking place in those spaces) as well as offering Collectibles to Consumers. Access to these Experiences is provided by Passes and Tickets (that are offered through the YOM Marketplace). Different kinds of Collectibles can be used in the Metaspaces, including:
  • Wearables
  • Avatars
  • Expressions
  • Mods
  • Placeables
  • Toys
It is possible for Brands and Creators to embed access to the Metaspaces on their own websites. Consumers see a "matchbox" window rendering a pixel stream of the selected Metaspace. Of course, it is possible to maximize the window to enter a full-screen experience. It is also possible to interact between the Experience and the window hosting it, for instance to redirect a user to another web page or to trigger a Solana wallet action.
Please take a look at the example below of a multiplayer Metaverse Explorers event we've hosted recently on our own YOM Labs website. The experience had many great reviews on design and platform performance.
compilation of live multiplayer experience on YOM

Entering a Metaspace

The initial view on the Metaspace is anonymous and common to all visitors, rendered by a Virtual camera. After a Consumer has logged in to their Profile, the Wallet information becomes available and if the Consumer owns a valid Pass, it becomes possible to enter the Metaspace using their own Avatar.
anonymous previews and personalized experiences

In the Metaspace

Within the Metaspace, it is possible to Chat with other Avatars using voice. All Collectibles that are in the Wallet of the Consumer will be equippable by their Avatar in the Metaspace, providing the possibility to customize appearance and abilities. This includes the Expressions and Placeables that can be used for expressive, gameplay, or decoration purposes. It is also possible to inspect other Avatars, to see which Collectibles the other person has equipped.
Brands can organize Events in Metaspaces, where Artists can perform according to a Time Schedule. If Consumers have a valid Ticket, they can enter the Area where the Event is scheduled to take place.

Content management

It is critical to offer a safe experience to anyone visiting a space. Each Metaspace will have configurable Filtering, meaning it is possible to whitelist Brands and/or Collections that have items usable in that Metaspace. Next to this it will be possible to whitelist items approved by a given DAO (for instance a parental guidance group). Alternatively, it is possible to blacklist items flagged with certain properties (eg. adult, branded).

Service fees

The cost for running a Metaspace will be paid using YOM tokens. These tokens will then be distributed to those involved in running the space, which can either be a cloud hosting provider or individual streamers. Matchmaking (eg. associating clients with streamers) is done based on proximity and availability, prioritizing individual streamers over fallback traditional cloud hosting solutions.
distributed clients receiving payment for running a metaspace