Within YOM, Brands can create a presence in the Metaverse, by creating and offering Collections of virtual Items, hosting Metaspaces, and organizing virtual Events in those Metaspaces. As a part of this service, YOM offers a Marketplace.
In this Marketplace, Brands offer Items to sell to Consumers. The supply of Items is limited, only a certain amount of Items are created and they are all uniquely numbered. The Items offered in the Marketplace are either Tickets/Passes or Collectibles. These Collectibles include the following types:
  • Wearables
  • Avatars
  • Expressions
  • Mods
  • Placeables
  • Toys
Additionally, each Collectible can have one or more additional Traits that further define the properties. For instance, Wearables have Traits for color (black, blue, ..) and slot (head, torso, legs, feet, accessory, ..).
In the case of Tickets/Passes, these provide access to (parts of) one or more Metaspaces and/or Events taking place in those Metaspaces, collectively called Experiences. In the case of Collectibles, these can be equipped in compatible Metaspaces hosted within YOM.

Item listings

All Items belong to Collections, which are linked to one or multiple Brands, Metaspaces, and/or Events. An Item can be Listed or not, meaning it is put up for sale or otherwise simply resides in someone's wallet. Listings can be either direct sales or Auction.
In the Marketplace, Consumers can always find back how Items were originally offered by a Brand:
  • Brands get a dedicated page in the Marketplace which lists the Collections of Items linked to that Brand.
  • Metaspaces (created by Brands) get a dedicated page in the Marketplace which lists the Passes required to gain entry as well as the Collection of Items linked to that Metaspace. Also, this page will preview a Virtual Camera of the Metaspace.
  • Events organized in a Metaspace get a dedicated page in the Marketplace which lists the
    • scheduled performing Artists as well as the
    • Time Schedule, the
    • Collection of Items linked to that Event (which includes Tickets for the Event).
The Marketplace will also feature Virtual Camera previews of Metaspaces and specific Events taking place, which acts as a portal and allows Consumers to easily join that specific space.

Interacting with the Marketplace

To interact with the Marketplace, Consumers connect their Wallet. Then, they can mark Items as Favorites, meaning those are saved (off-chain) and can be easily found later. Also, it is possible to buy Items using Balance from their connected Wallet. Any previously acquired Items will also be visible in the Wallet.
Items can be traded between Consumers as part of Secondary Sales which may include a commission to the Brand that created the Item. Any Consumer can put the Item up for resale on the YOM Marketplace. Only Items that were originally bought on the Marketplace can be put up for resale - there are plenty of general purpose item marketplaces out there.
It is possible to see the history of Transactions for Items in the Marketplace which shows an overview of the Consumers that previously bought the Item as well as the paid Price at that time.
In the future, the Marketplace will support more use cases:
  • Consumers can be onboarded into the Marketplace from external Providers as part of ticket sales happening on those platforms.
  • Metaspaces themselves can also be sold on the Marketplace.