The Bridge


The Bridge offers different functionalities required for managing aspects of the Metaverse: the details of Metaspaces and the Events that take place within them, the Collectibles available in the Marketplace, and seeing statistics on Metaspace visits.
  • Preparation: Creating Collections and Items, customizing Brand details, customizing the Metaspace, listing Events, ...
  • Real-time management: Managing Events, Metaspace moderation, real-time insights, device connections, ..
  • Analytics: Traffic, Marketplace performance (primary and secondary sales), Impressions, ..
Different tools are available within the Bridge to support these use cases.

Preparation / content creation

Within the Bridge, a system is available which supports Brands and Creators to create and manage content on the YOM platform. Content includes:
  • Brand information
    • Brand name
    • Logo
    • Description
    • Hero image
  • Items and Collections (NFT)
    • Uploading Item and Collection content (Image, 3d asset)
    • Customize name, description, price, supply
    • Creating ("minting") the NFT and approving on created Items
    • Listing Items for initial sale and managing listings
    • Defining airdrops, items that can be airdropped from the experience
  • Metaspace details
    • Name
    • Description
    • Availability / scaling settings
    • Whitelisting/blacklisting collections
    • Control amount of concurrent users, streaming quality
  • Events
    • Event time and place
    • Event Schedule (Artists and timeslots)
  • Artists
    • Artist details (name, bio, picture, ..)

Real-time management

The Metaspace is a real place where Users come together which means there is a need for moderation. To allow for this, the Bridge provides moderation tools that allow for ensuring the Metaspace is a safe place according to generic or Brand-specific policies.
Events taking place in the Metaspace need to be managed, which may include activities by hosts and starting/stopping the event. For this purpose Event Management tooling is available within the Bridge.
Real-time insights about traffic and popularity of certain aspects of the Metaspace are available in the Bridge. This allows for monitoring especially during Events.
It is possible to view the credits still available in the wallet associated with the Metaspace, and find the public key of the wallet where more credits can be sent.
Finally, the Dashboard provides tools to set up connections to Mocap suits or other interfaces, so they can be used by hosts or artists in the Metaspace.


Taking into account privacy considerations and regulations, within the Bridge certain analytics are available, which include:
  • Metaspace traffic
  • Event and Item Impressions
  • Marketplace performance (primary and secondary sales)


For authentication Web3 (wallet) login is used instead of more traditional username/password logins. A certain management NFT is needed to be present in the wallet which grants access to the management environment. This also means the rights to run that Metaspace can be transferred by selling/trading that specific NFT.