Platform Qualities

The aim of this chapter and its subchapters is to provide a more qualitative and technical perspective on the platform. We will dive into a detailed understanding of design decisions that led to the creation of the functional architecture presented earlier.
Since a distributed metaverse is an enabling technology rather than a game, we designed the system primarily from a non-functional perspective, meaning that before considering the features, we defined the qualities that enable for a healthy ecosystem. We defined the following:
A peer-to-peer infrastructure and efficient market that allows home computers to render the metaverse in return for certain rewards.
Fully decoupled metaspaces and infrastructure; i.e., every metaspace should have it's own dedicated infrastructure rather than being dependent on other infrastructures.
Tokens as vehicles for everything: content, economy & governance. The system should allow for the tokenization of everything, that is all creations.
Develop a new standard for item interoperability on the Solana blockchain which allows all items to be used also in other metaspace experiences regardless of technology chosen.
Program interactable collections and metaspaces without limitations. Anything up to the UI of the experience should be modifiable by developers, artists and brands.
We want mass adoption and ease of entry, regardless of medium; therefore we need low latency hi-fidelity cross-platform cloud rendering. The system must be accessible on pc, Chromecast, tablet, and phone without requiring upfront downloads of specific applications.
Wallet authentication and blockchain interaction is fully based on standardized out-of-the-box wallet provider solutions. No custom security solutions are applied. User private keys are never asked nor stored.