Unleashing Creativity

Your Open Metaverse (YOM) is at the heart of a revolution that changes the way we connect, create, and do business. We are on a mission to continuously develop decentralized solutions that enable an inclusive meta society and inspire people to create and render a web of interconnected metaspaces. YOM realizes this mission by empowering creators to launch and monetize their own metaverse experiences on their own channels with their own communities. Before we dive into this proposition, we will first delve into the YOM rationale and background.
The YOM team is experienced in both building scalable platforms and creating virtual solutions in Unreal Engine. As part of its strategy, YOM created custom virtual experiences for parties such as GlaxoSmithKline, TEDx and the Dutch Government think tank Rathenau Institute. The market insights and revenues of these projects were leveraged into b2b platform development.
Please take a look at the example below of a demo we've prepared for the Unilever team recently. It showcases how easy it can be to create your own branded metaspace and host it on your own website. Without losing Intellectual Property or compromising on quality. Making it easy and accessible for just about anyone. From within a space like this, one can shop, (voice)chat, play a game that enforces a customer loyalty plan, interact with other fans and the environment, join product launches or events, meet & greet the makers, really become and take part of the community, portal to other experiences and much more...
Bespoke demo of our platform for the Unilever Magnum Team
The ease of developing interactive and bespoke virtual experiences in Unreal Engine, and yet the difficulty of deploying these experiences as interoperable Web3 solutions to the metaverse, lead the team to design a metaverse that scales to meet professional needs. This is a place where multiple autonomous spaces can be experienced as a continuous metaverse without loss of ownership, creative freedom and control over the delivery of the experience. A metaverse that celebrates creative liberty and channel sovereignty.
We refer to the developers, performers, 3D artists, event organizers, brands and agencies that use UE to develop and monetize the content in the Metaverse, as creators. Collectively, they create virtual experiences, assets and apply new revenue models in the Metaverse. The other cornerstone in the ecosystem are the gamers. The gamers discover, consume, render and collect virtual content.
When creators and gamers are put together, their interactions allow for an ecosystem of virtual commerce, creation, and consumption. This ecosystem various dimensions: a technology dimension, a tokenomical dimension, and an ecosystem dimension. In the subsequent chapters, we will discuss each of these dimensions accordingly.
Before we discuss each of these dimensions individually we will first dive deep into the value proposition of YOM and how it uniquely contrasts itself as an infrastructure solution in the Metaverse landscape.